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About Time Zone Settings
What is a keyword-blocking?
How to change the input fields on the booking page to descriptive, radio buttons, or checkboxes
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How to switch the normal booking page to the seminar booking page, and how to set the number of seats and display the number of seats remaining
How to download the guest information on the booking page in CSV format?How to resolve garbled characters
Can you issue a dedicated URL?
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How to change the calendar view on the Booking page to week, month, etc
How to display my company's logo or image on the Booking page.How to hide the Jicoo logo.
How to require guest phone input
How to set up a description page based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.
How to set up a Terms of Use and Cancellation Policy.
I set candidate dates, but the booking page doesn't display the date I set. Why?
What is a time interval?
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About the cover image on the booking page
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Create a booking page
Display of Candidates When Setting the Time Before and After
How to set up various URLs to be displayed on the reservation page.
I want to make reservations on an approval basis (reservation request system)