What is an activity log?
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The activity log records important operations within Jicoo and can be viewed by the team administrator or any member with owner privileges.

This allows you to check for unauthorized operations within your team, thereby ensuring security.

How to use the Activity Log

  1. Log in as a user with administrative privileges, and click on "Team Management" from the "Settings" or "Account" menu.

  2. Click on the "Activities" menu tab on the Team Management page.

  3. Search for the desired log by narrowing down the list by setting a date range, etc.

  4. Click on a line in the list to view more detailed logs including IP, user agent, etc.

Activity Log Contents

The list of activity logs consists of the following contents

  • Category

  • Action

  • Date and time

  • Operator

In the detail screen, in addition to the above

  • Accessing IP

  • User Agent

  • Log ID

are additionally displayed.

About Categories and Actions

Categories and actions are recorded for the following




  • WebHook

    • Created

    • Modified

    • Deleted


  • Data deletion request (unimplemented)

Booking Page

  • One-off

    • Created

    • Deleted

  • Poll

    • Created

    • Deleted

    • Scheduled

  • Page

    • Created

    • Modified

    • Deleted

  • OneTimeLink

    • Created

    • Deleted


  • Succeeded


  • Event types modified

  • Team users modified

Routing Forms

  • Created

  • Modified

  • Deleted

Team Settings

  • Branding enabled modified

  • IP banning modified

  • Auto approved sign up modified

  • Team domain modified


  • Modified

  • URL slug modified

User Management

  • Invite canceled

  • Invite resent

  • Added

  • Invite sent

  • Removed

User Profile

  • URL slug modified

Activity Log Retention Period

Retention period varies by plan. Please see the pricing page for details.

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