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Deleting personal data
Deleting personal data
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When Jicoo receives a request from a user to delete personally identifiable information, the user can delete the information from the tool.

Deletion will result in the physical deletion of the reservation, poll, and responses from the Jicoo database.

Please note that once deleted, the data cannot be restored.

Data currently supported by the delete function

Booking data

Reservation data reserved from the reservation page

Email addresses invited to appointments created on the dashboard calendar

Voting data

Voting data from the voting page

Form data

Response data created from form pages

Deletion can be performed from the Data Management tab of Team Management by users with Administrator or higher privileges.

Deletion Scope


All reservations, votes, and form response data on Jicoo will be deleted.

Specific Guests

All reservations, polls, and form responses created by the specified email address will be deleted.

Specified time period

Reservation, poll, and form response data created within the specified time period will be deleted.

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