How to block my all-day schedule
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When there is an all-day appointment in the linked calendar,

You can block the display of the schedule as a date candidate.

This can be done by going to " Edit Booking Page" > "Calendar Settings" > "Block All-day Appointments ".

This item has been hidden since August 2022. If you do not see this item, you can block the appointment by registering an all-day appointment as "Available".

Please make use of this feature to prevent double booking.

For details on how to create all-day appointments in each calendar, please refer to the following

Google Calendar

Open Google Calendar on your computer.

Click the Create button in the upper left corner.

Add a description of the appointment.

In the Date and Time section, check the box next to All Day.

[Click Save.

The all-day appointment will appear at the top of the page for the appropriate date

*All-day appointments in Google Calendar will be blocked if they are marked as "scheduled".

Outlook Calendar

In your appointment list, select New Appointment.

You can also select [All Day ] Event > New Item.

[Enter a description in the Subject box. Add a location, if desired.

[Use the Appointment drop-down boxes next to Start Time and End Time to select the date of the event. To make the appointment an all-day event, check the All Day checkbox.
Note: You can create an all-day event that spans multiple days.

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