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What can I do on the appointment details page?Can I send a message by proxy?
What can I do on the appointment details page?Can I send a message by proxy?
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Appointment Details Page

The appointment details page provides a seamless meeting experience by consolidating necessary functions such as "Messages," "Notes and Minutes," and "Web Conference" into a single page.

By consolidating the functions necessary for meetings, you can work more efficiently. In addition, communication with team members and guests can be completed via Messages, allowing you to centralize communication that used to be done via email, etc.

About the appointment details screen

A. Message

You can send messages to team members and guests on the appointment details page. Messages can also be sent by e-mail at the same time, and files can be attached.

*Send check is fixed under the following conditions.

  • There is an un-logged-in user in the guest

  • The entire schedule details of the seminar booking

Multiple files (maximum upload size of one file is 10MB) can be attached to a single message. When sent by e-mail, a link to the attached file will be inserted into the body of the message.

Replying to an email

When you reply to an email, it is sent as a message to the host via Jicoo's message function.

Send messages by proxy

Messages can be sent on behalf of the host using the message function in the appointment details. To send a message, you must have one of the following permissions

  • Team administrator or higher

  • Booking page editor or higher

B. Notes and Minutes

Meeting agendas and minutes can be edited as notes, allowing users to collaboratively edit documents in real time while the web conference is in progress.

C.Web Conference URL Issuance

With Zoom integration, you can issue a Zoom meeting URL at any time with a single click. When issued, it will be posted to the message, and at the same time, an e-mail notification will be automatically sent to the participants that it has been issued.

About the appointment details page for guests

When a guest makes a booking, a link to the appointment details is included in the acceptance email.

The appointment details for guests include the following information

  • Host's name

  • Booking date and time

  • Date change/cancellation

  • Location

  • Guest's name

  • Guest's email address (displayed only if host is logged in)

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