Information on SMS usage
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SMS reminders are available in Japanese yen only. Please inquire for use outside of Japan.

SMS (short message) notifications can be set from the Edit Booking page.

Edit Booking Page > Notification/Privacy > SMS Notification

What you can do with SMS notifications

SMS notifications can be used to remind users of booking information. The following settings can be configured for SMS notifications

  • Canned text settings

  • Set the reminder sending time (hours and minutes)

  • Indication in the form of "phone numbers that can receive SMS" (optional or required selection)

  • Display of the entered phone number in the host's reception completion e-mail and appointment details (for guests, the number will be included in the booking completion e-mail)

  • Confirmation of SMS notification usage ( payment)

SMS notification message content

Messages will be notified by SMS if you set the canned message settings.

Default settings

Reminder: "Event Name" with "Host Name

Appointment Date: "Event Date" "Event StartedAt" "TimeZone".

Fees vary depending on the number of characters. For details, please refer to the fee section.

Depending on the number of characters in the message, the message may be divided and delivered to some cell phones.

Template Variables

"Host Name":Host name (e.g. Global Technology | Ken Suzuki) *Basic Settings > Host Display Name

"Contact Name":Guest's name (e.g., Ryu Takahashi)

"Event Name":Name of the appointment (e.g. Meeting (SMS))

"Event Date":Appointment date (e.g., Tuesday, May 17, 2022)

Event StartedAt":Start time (e.g. 17:00)

TimeZone":Time zone (e.g., Asia/Tokyo) *This will be displayed for non-logged-in users. If the guest is a logged-in user and has not changed the time zone, it will be hidden.

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Canned text and sending time settings

It is possible to set the sending time for SMS notification reminders in daily, hourly, or minute increments. You can also set the sending to multiple times.

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SMS notifications are displayed on smartphones and other devices.

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The content of the canned message you have set will be notified via SMS.

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Displaying the Form

Once you have set up notifications, the phone number field will appear on the booking page form.

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You can set this field as optional or mandatory from the edit screen.

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Display of phone number

The phone number where the entered SMS can be received can be found in the following locations.

Host: Reception completion mail, booking details screen

Guest: Reception completion e-mail

For more information about SMS sending fees, please refer to this help page.

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