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What can I do with Google Sheets integration?
What can I do with Google Sheets integration?
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Google Sheets integration makes it possible to automatically register the contents of bookings accepted by Jicoo in Google Spreadsheets.

This reduces the time and effort required to input guest information based on booking information in Jicoo, allowing you to build an efficient spreadsheet management flow.

*Google Spreadsheets are specified on an account-by-account basis.

Synchronize bookings with spreadsheets

Appointments made with Jicoo are registered in a Google Spreadsheet. Appointment information, name, and other information, as well as a link to the appointment details in Jicoo, allows you to go back and forth between the two at any time.

Google Spreadsheets are specified on an account-by-account basis, so common settings are not possible.

Synchronization to Google Spreadsheet is performed when creating, changing, or canceling bookings.

The linked spreadsheet can be selected for each booking page.

You can select any spreadsheet to be synchronized with Jicoo. You can select the spreadsheet to be linked from the workspace according to the use of the booking page, such as by department or by client.

Select which JIcoo items will be reflected in any column name in the first row of the specified spreadsheet.

Possible to select the properties of the linked spreadsheet for each item

You can select which columns of the spreadsheet will reflect Jicoo items.

The following items can be selected

  • Booking title

  • Email address

  • Company name

  • Message

  • Phone number

  • Booking Date and Time

  • Guest Name

  • Booking detail screen URL

  • Location

  • Booking creation date/time

  • Status

  • Contact Person

  • Additional items set in the reception form

Embed Title String

When "Booking Title" is selected from the items to be linked to the spreadsheet, you can specify a string for the booking title that will be reflected in the spreadsheet.

The following values are available for variables.

  • Host Name: The name of the booking host.

  • Contact Name: Name of the booking guest.

  • Event Name: Title of the booking page.

  • Event Date: Date and time when the booking occurred.

  • Event StartedAt: Date and time when the booking was made.

  • TimeZone: Time zone of the booking.

Sharing of settings

When another member is the booking host, you can specify whether or not to share the settings and collaborate.

The settings must be configured on a per booking page basis. Edit booking page > Integration > Google Spreadsheet

*This setting is required when linking when only another member is the host, or when another member is the host with automatic assignment of the person in charge, etc.

If the settings are shared, other members must also have completed Google Sheets integration.

About cases where the individual settings do not work even if you select "Share"

If you have set "Share" but it is not reflected in the spreadsheet, another account may have set individual settings for that reservation page, and that link has been prioritized.

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