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Create a booking page
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This section explains how to create the first booking page after registering as a member.

Click here to learn more about the different types of booking.

Register first to view the dashboard

After registering as a member of Jicoo, an automated scheduling service, first create a booking page from the home page.

The information you enter on the booking page will be reflected on the page for scheduling with your guests.

Select Add Reservation Page from the Home screen

You will first see the home page, and you can create a new appointment page by selecting "Add Booking Page" in the right section.

The navigation includes "Booking Page", which displays a list of booking pages, and "Booking List", which displays a list of fixed appointments.

Check the booking page

The dashboard shows the booking pages that have already been created and can be edited.

After registering, you will be able to edit the "30-minute meeting" and "60-minute meeting" pages.

Edit Booking Page

First, click on the Booking Page icon and go to "Edit Booking Page".

After editing, "save" each item.

Edit Booking Requests

Basic Setting

*Team/Pro features are indicated by "*" in the item name.


Set the title of the page.

Host Display Name

Select the format of the host name displayed on the reservation page


Set the method of conducting the meeting (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams face-to-face, etc.)

Space and Facilities *Team

Select the spaces and facilities you wish to reserve for this appointment. The system will automatically display the times when the set spaces and facilities are available.


Set the scheduled duration, from 15 minutes to custom specified.


Set the time interval to start the meeting; if 15 minutes is selected, meetings can start every 15 minutes.

Booking Request (Approval) System

When "Approval system" is selected, a reservation can be confirmed by the host's approval of the proposed date and time selected by the guest on the booking page.


Enter a description to be displayed on the reservation page.

Internal Note

You can set an administrative title that will be shown only within the dashboard.


You can change the URL of the booking page. You can specify a string of characters within your team.

Manage Availability

Acceptable Period

You can set the period of time for which dates will be accepted as candidates on the booking page.

  • Specify a continuous range from the date ○Day

  • Specify a range of start and end dates.

  • Unlimited

Acceptance grace time

Specify the number of minutes after the current date that the reservation can be accepted.

For example, if you set "1,440 minutes," the reception will start at the same time 24 hours later.

Upper Limit of Acceptance Time*Pro

By setting the maximum time limit, you can disallow accepting reservations for more than the maximum time.

Limit on the number of times a reservation can be accepted per guest*Pro

By setting a maximum number of times, you can disallow accepting more than the maximum number of bookings.

Block all-day appointments

If the linked calendar contains all-day appointments, you can set whether or not to block the display of these appointments as date candidates.

Time available before/after schedule

You can set the interval between the date and time to be displayed when you have an appointment.

Registering the time to leave before and after an event as an event *Team

When set, the free time before and after an event is registered in the calendar as an event.

Adjustable time

Sets the time period during which appointments can be accepted. Templates can only be added by the administrator or higher level user of a team user.

  • Select from templates

  • Set individually.

Click here for help on templates.

The time of day can be set for each day of the week.

スクリーンショット 2022-07-26 17.33.10

Additional Options

Booking of teams

Set the conditions for available appointment dates. If you set the condition that one of the members must be present, you can use the automatic assignment function of the person in charge. 

Set the conditions of the available booking dates.

  • Dates when all members can attend (AND condition)

  • Dates when any one of the members can attend (OR condition)

Automatic assignment of assignees (round-robin) *Team

When the OR condition is used to select dates, the team members can be automatically assigned to the person in charge of the schedule.

Set the person in charge at the time of rescheduling

When the schedule is rescheduled, it is possible to set whether to re-select the person in charge.

Members *Pro

Select the members who will participate in this appointment from the members belonging to the team.

Members to be notified only*Pro

Specify members who will only be notified of activity for this appointment. Notified members are not taken into account in the availability of the reservation calendar.

Capacity *Team

Specify the number of people who can make a reservation per slot. (Blank for 1 person)

Display full capacity *Team

Specify whether or not to indicate full availability when all reservations are filled on the reservation page.

Keyword blocking judgment *Team

You can set the presence or absence of specific keywords as a condition for displaying available time on the reservation page.

Publication of participants *Enterprize

You can display participants to one time slot.


No designation" unless managed by a specific project.

Booking completion page

Adjustment Completion Message

If a message is to be displayed on the Adjustment Completion screen, describe it.

Page transition after booking completion *Team

You can redirect to any page after the reservation is completed.

Notification & Privacy

Invitation to Calendar

Invite guests to appointments you create in your calendar with their email address.

*"Canned text settings" are available for the Team plan.

Sending a confirmation email

When an event is created, the guest is notified that the event has been accepted. You can also set a canned message to be included in the body of the email.

*Canned text settings are only available for Team plans.

Sending a reminder email

Sends a reminder to guests when a scheduled event is about to take place. You can also set the canned text to be appended to the body of the email and the sending time.

*Canned Text Settings", "Change Send Time", and "Send Multiple Times" can be set in the Team Plan.

Sending of Cancellation Emails

Notify guests when a schedule is canceled. Canned messages can also be set to be included in the body of the email.

*Canned Text Settings" and "Sending Time" can be set in the Team plan.

Sending a follow-up email after implementation *Team

A follow-up e-mail is sent after the schedule has been implemented. Canned text and sending time can be set for the body of the email.

SMS notification *Enterprize

Sends a reminder to guests via SMS when an appointment is about to be made.

Receiving changes from guests*Pro

You can change the acceptance or non-acceptance of cancellations or schedule changes from guests. If disabled, the link to the cancellation and rescheduling page will not appear in the guest notification email.

Show on Profile

You can choose to show or not show your booking page on your profile page.

Public/private email address

If set to "Public", the registered email address will be notified to the guest when the reservation is accepted.

Display of email sender*Pro

You can change the sender display of reservation-related e-mails such as completed bookings, cancellations, reminders, etc. to guests.

Edit Design

Design settings

Cover Image *Pro

You can customize the cover image to your original image. Default will be changed randomly by "Booking Page Category".

Brand Settings *Team/Pro

Logo and team name displayed on the page can be changed from Team Settings.

  • Logo/Image for dashboard and booking page (Pro)

  • Logo and image for booking page header (Team)

Calendar display method *Pro

You can choose how to display the calendar when selecting dates.

*Time-based (weekly)" and "Month + time" are available for Pro plan.

Calendar Week Start *Pro

You can change the starting day of the week for the appointment calendar.

Theme Color

You can change the theme color of the appointment page.

Various URL settings

You can set up links to SNS and websites.


Edit form

Question Item Customization

Fixed items "CC e-mail address", "Company name", "Message", "Required/Optional", "Show/Hide" can be selected.

Additional items *Pro

You can add additional questions for guests to enter when accepting reservations.

Settlement of Accounts

Additional services and payments

Service Selection

You can link the services you have created with the reservation page.

Payment Method

You can select either "On-site payment on the day" or "Credit card payment (advance payment). Credit card payment (advance payment)" is available on Team

Sales Destination

You can select "Sales in Japan" or "Not including Japan".

Service Linkage

Set up service linkage

Slack Notification Settings

Send acceptance, reminder, and cancellation notifications to specified channels. App integration required.

Google Analytics Tracking ID *Team

Specify Google Analytics ID to embed tags on the reservation page page and completion screen to analyze data.

Configure Salesforce registration details *Team

  • Leads and actions (creating appointments to record activities) can be automatically created in Salesforce.

  • Items to be automatically registered in Salesforce (lead information, actions (activity records))

  • Update existing records in Salesforce (overwrite existing leads)

  • Record types to be assigned to leads

  • Forms integration (basic setup questions can be registered to Salesforce items)



Googleスプレッドシート ※Pro

SEO ※Pro

Metaピクセル ※Team

Terms & Cancellation Policy

Terms of Use

You can set up your own terms of use.

Cancellation Policy

You can select the cancellation policy you created.


Check the preview of the created booking page.

The URL of the page that appears will be used to adjust the dates.

Booking page

The booking page will appear.

Copy the URL and contact the guest by e-mail or messenger.


On the page you create, guests can complete the itinerary adjustment in about 10 seconds.

Flow of scheduling


STEP1:Create URL for scheduling

STEP2:Send the URL to the guest via e-mail or messenger

STEP3: When the booking is confirmed, it is automatically registered in the calendar.

STEP4: Confirm the booking date, time, and URL of the web conference such as Zoom by e-mail.

STEP5:On the day of the meeting, guests can join the web conference (Zoom, etc.) via reminder email, etc.


STEP1:Access the booking page

STEP2: Select a date and time, and send your name, e-mail address, and other necessary information.

STEP3: Confirm the receipt completion e-mail

STEP4: On the day of the meeting, join the web conference (Zoom, etc.) via reminder mail, etc.

You will receive a reminder e-mail in advance of the implementation date.

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