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Candidate times are not displayed. I want to know why the adjustable time is blocked on the booking page (Dubug mode).
Candidate times are not displayed. I want to know why the adjustable time is blocked on the booking page (Dubug mode).
Updated over a week ago

If you view the booking page you created while logged in, you will see it in Debug mode.

By turning on the "Check Available Booking Times" toggle, you can see why certain times of the day do not appear as available for booking.

This function is only available to hosts. (Guests cannot view this function.)

You can check the reason why you are blocked.

Conditions applied


There is an appointment created by Jicoo.

*Please check the calendar at

There is an external appointment

There are appointments from external calendars that are linked to Jicoo.

Google Calendar :

*If the address does not appear, there is an appointment with another member.


The buffer time to be left before and after the appointment is applied.

Edit Booking Page > Set Reception Time > Buffer Time Before and After Appointment

Member's schedule

Other members of the team participating in this booking are scheduled.

Edit booking page > Team booking acceptance > Members

Booking Limit

The limit set in the "Reception time settings" has been exceeded.

Edit Booking Page > Booking Time Settings > Booking Time Limit

*Edit booking page > Reception time settings > Reception limit per guest


There are scheduled resources to be used for this booking.

This is the reason for blocking the booking, including the time before and after.

*Edit Booking Page > Team Booking Reception/Resources > Space/Facilities

Out of the range of acceptance

It is outside the range set in the Acceptable Range.

*Edit Booking Page > Reception Hours Settings > Adjustable Hours

Appointments not to be blocked

The appointment is available for booking because there is an appointment with the no appointment setting or an appointment that is not blocked by a keyword in the external calendar that is linked to the appointment.
Click here for more information about Google Calendar's public settings.

Display when there are unblocked appointments

Appointments that are set to "No appointments" are also displayed.

Guests can make bookings for appointments that have been set to "No appointments".


Week view

Reasons why appointments are not displayed in the preview mode

If the time interval is set to 60 minutes when the appointment acceptance schedule is set to 16:15-17:15 minutes, the candidates will not be displayed on the appointment page.

If the time interval is set to 15 minute increments, they will be displayed. To display the time, you need to set the start time in increments of 15 minutes.

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