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What to do if the proposed dates you set on the booking page are not displayed?
What to do if the proposed dates you set on the booking page are not displayed?
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Sometimes the Jicoo booking page does not display the proposed dates properly, and you may have difficulty in resolving the issue.

In this article, we will show you how to check if your appointment is blocked on Jicoo's booking page.

Intended use

Unable to successfully display a candidate date where the host is you

Can't figure out why other members' booking pages are blocked


Jicoo's booking page allows users to set their own Availability schedule and book their available dates as candidate dates.

The system has a function to block candidate dates when they are scheduled in the linked calendar or the Jicoo calendar, preventing double booking.

The following is a guide on how to display the candidate dates on the Jicoo booking page in case the candidate dates are not displayed unintentionally.

Detailed instructions

How to check your own schedule

Check why the candidate dates are blocked in host preview mode

  1. Log in to Jicoo and display the relevant booking page.

  2. Turn on the "Check available booking times" toggle

  3. Select the date and time that is not displayed.

  4. Confirm the reason why it is not displayed.

  5. For more information on the reason displayed, please refer to this help page.

  6. Check the reason and take action.

How to check other members' appointments

Check other members' appointments in Jicoo Calendar

If you are connected to Google Calendar, your appointments will be synced to Jicoo Calendar,

You can see all the appointments in Jicoo Calendar.

If other members' proposed dates are blocked, you need to check if Jicoo Calendar is free.

  1. Viewing the Jicoo Calendar

  2. Add other members from the icon on the right

  3. Check if there are no appointments at the corresponding time including other members

*For more information about the calendar, click here.

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