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Guests: booking flow, confirmation, meeting participation
Guests: booking flow, confirmation, meeting participation
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How to make a booking

When you open the URL shared by the host, the following screen will appear.

Please select a convenient time from the candidate dates.

※ You cannot select a date and time that is blocked by the host.

After selecting the date and time, proceed to the booking details screen.

Fill in the required fields and click “Submit” to complete your booking.

After acceptance, the following e-mail will be sent from the host.

The following reminder email will be sent as the event approaches.

The URL of the web conference to access the location is included. When the time comes on the day of the event, you can join the meeting from that URL.

About cancel and Reschedule

If you change or cancel your schedule, you can do so by clicking “Cancel” or “Reschedule” below at the bottom of the acceptance completion e-mail or reminder e-mail.

For questions or concerns, contact

If you have any questions, you can contact the host directly by replying to the acceptance completion e-mail received from the host, etc.

Benefits of Becoming a Jicoo Member

Jicoo members can check the booking page as a guest while logged in, with the following advantages

・The form will be displayed with your name and e-mail address entered.

・The member can see his or her own schedule on the proposed date.

・Able to see a list of appointments booked by the guest in the “Reservation List”.

For more information, please refer to the help page below.


If the host cancels the booking, the following cancellation email will be sent.

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