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How to use Zoom and other fixed URLs
How to use Zoom and other fixed URLs
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When Zoom is set as a location on the Jicoo booking page, a unique URL is issued for each appointment.

If you want to hold meetings with guests using a fixed URL, such as a Zoom meeting ID, you will need to set up a different configuration.

In this article, we will show you how to set up a web conference with a specific URL.

Intended Use

To unify URLs for holding meetings for fixed number of members

Want to unify all managed web conference URLs.


Jicoo can automatically issue URLs for Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and other web conferencing tools on a scheduled basis.

Depending on the application, we may want to hold meetings with a fixed URL instead of a different URL each time.

In this article, we will show you how to book and hold a fixed URL web meeting with Jicoo.

Detailed steps

Configure settings in Location

Any settings can be made in Location Custom.

When you include the URL, you will be notified by a notification e-mail with the accessibility or status.

  1. Edit booking page > Basic settings > Location

  2. Select Custom

  3. Enter a fixed URL in the content and save it

  4. When a booking is made by a guest, the URL will be included in the location in the notification email.

Append to the booking notification e-mail

Any text can be appended to the notification email (completion and reminder).

By appending the URL to be held to the notification e-mail as information after the booking,

You can notify your guests of the URL.

  1. Go to Edit Booking Page and select "Notification/Privacy

  2. Enter the URL to be held as a fixed URL in the input field where you can add the text for the reception completion/reminder email.

  3. The fixed URL will be appended to the email after the guest completes the booking.

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