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URLs for Zoom and GoogleMeet are not issued.
URLs for Zoom and GoogleMeet are not issued.
Updated over a week ago

If the URL for Zoom or GoogleMeet is not issued, please check the following points.

1. Service integration is set up?

Please check if the Zoom and GoogleMeet integration is set up on the service integration settings screen.

For Google Meet, the URL will not be issued unless the event is registered on Google Calendar in the "Add Calendar" section.

If you cannot authenticate Zoom, please contact the administrator who manages your Zoom account to allow the Jicoo App on the following page.

2. Is the location set up on the booking page?

Please check if the tool is set in Edit Booking Page > Basic Settings > Location.

If the URL is not issued while all of the above are set, there may be a problem with the service linkage described in 1, so re-connect the service.

After that, please perform a test registration and check if the URL is issued.

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