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I want to know about the service and payment process.
I want to know about the service and payment process.
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Adding the payment function allows you to set up pre-payment.

To set up the service and payment, please visit the following page.

Steps of setting up the payment function

Pre-payment is available by linking with Stripe. If you are a first-time user, you will need to obtain an account and link up with Stripe.

After linking with Stripe, register the business information necessary for pre-payment.

*This page is subject to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

Edit the service or create a new one.

We will edit and set the service offerings, amount, etc.

Setting up a service on the booking page

After registering as a member of Jicoo, a "30-minute service" is available on the dashboard, which can be edited and used.

You can also edit the existing booking page, in the same way, to set up "Service and Payment".

You can edit various settings and enter the necessary information.

Set the basic and optional service options for the services you have configured from "Service".

Set up payment methods.

※The sales amount in Japanese yen can be set at 50 yen or more.Please refer to Stripe's help page for the amount you can sell for

Set the terms of use and cancellation policy.

After setting up, check the booking page in the preview and you will see the service settings.

Share the URL of the booking page with your guests so they can proceed with the application.

How to check Stripe payment in the appointment details

For bookings that have already been paid by Stripe in advance, you can view the Stripe payment in the appointment details.

※Stripe's management screen will allow you to see the email address you entered on the Jicoo booking page as your customer information.

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