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I would like to know how to work with Stripe.
I would like to know how to work with Stripe.
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What is Stripe?

It is an online payment platform used by millions of businesses worldwide.

By signing up for a Stripe account, guests can easily make payments by simply entering their credit card information.

A dashboard is also available to view and analyze revenue.

Creating a Stripe Account

You must create a Stirpe account in order to work with Jicoo.

Enter your email address to begin registration.

*Even if you already have an account, you will need to create a new sub-account for Jicoo.

*Please note that existing sub-accounts cannot be used.

After entering your password, cell phone number, and, set up your business information.

After that, enter the applicant's information and enter business details.

After that, answer the questions regarding the revised Sales and Purchase Law.

*If you are using Stripe only with Jicoo, please refer to this help page.

Set up an account for payment.

Enter information to be displayed on payment statements, invoices, and receipts.

A confirmation screen will appear. If you are satisfied with the information, complete the registration.

Return to the Jicoo dashboard.

Once the Stripe registration is complete, you can set up pre-payment.

*If Stripe's review is not complete, you will not be able to start using the service. Please contact Stripe for the review status.

Please refer to the help section below for the flow of services to sales.

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