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Is it possible to pre-pay when selling services?
Is it possible to pre-pay when selling services?
Updated over a week ago

Pre-payment by credit card can be set up.

In order for guests to be able to pre-pay for service purchases by credit card, the host must register and connect to Stripe, the payment system used by Jicoo.

Click here to see the process of setting up the payment function.

The service purchase fee paid by the guest is directly credited to the host's Stripe account.

The deposited money is automatically transferred to the bank account registered in the Stripe account on a regular basis.

The normal remittance schedule is 7-10 days from the date payment is received, so expenses can be collected prior to the event date.

Advance payments are subject to a 2.9% Stripe fee.

Example of advance payment

*Receipt fees are fees paid to Stripe for transactions made through Stripe. Please note that fees vary depending on your account and the region you are in.

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