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Vote on the dates (guest side)
Vote on the dates (guest side)
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Learn how to vote for dates to be scheduled on the guest side.

Access the scheduled voting page

Access the schedule voting page by accessing the URL sent by the host via e-mail or messenger.

Select the dates you are available to attend.
The color of the date and time will change when you select one or more dates.

When selecting dates, you can use the tabs at the top to switch between list and calendar formats.

After selecting the dates, go to "Next" and enter your name and e-mail address.

After entering the required information, press submit.

This completes the schedule voting.

A completion e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

When the dates are confirmed

You will receive an email notification when the date is confirmed while multiple guests are voting.

On the day of the event, access the designated location to participate.

Canceling a date you have voted for

You can cancel the dates you have voted for. If your plans change, for example, you can vote again before your vote is confirmed.

To cancel your vote, access the link at the bottom of the email you receive after casting your vote.

Confirm the details and delete your vote.

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