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What is a form function?
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Web forms can be created for a variety of purposes, including inquiries, surveys, and event applications.

In addition, the routing function automates the assignment of inquiries to the appointment calendar of the person or department in charge, thereby increasing the speed of business negotiations and conversion rates.


Form items can be freely configured to suit your needs.

  • Name

  • E-mail address

  • Phone number

  • Radio button

  • Checkbox

  • Pull-down select form

  • Text

Viewing Response Results

You can check the results if you are an administrator or higher account with administrative privileges for your team.


You can customize the list-type and question-and-answer form display, cover image and logo settings, and more.

Input Form is also cutamizable.

Share Form Answer with Team member

Routering Setting

Upon completion of the guest's response, the action of the route is executed if the response matches the specified conditions. The conditions are validated from the top and executed only once.

Options Setting

It also supports embedding in sites and managing inquiries by downloading CSV. It is also possible to integrate services such as notifications to Slack and Google Analytics measurement.

Full Screen

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Form Setting Item

Basic Setting




Where to view additional item answers.※Pro Plan

Display Host Name

Additional Options

Members* Pro Plan

Select the members with whom you would like to share this form. You can also set the administrative rights for this reservation page.


Notification & Privacy

Send a confirmation email to guests when a response is created.

Allow Guests to Edit Responses *Pro Plan

You can set whether guests can edit responses.

Show the sender of the email *Pro Plan

You can change the sender of the email regarding the response to the guest.

Routing Settings

Route Logic

When a guest completes a response, the action for the route whose response content matches the specified conditions is executed. The conditions are verified from the top and executed only once.

Design Settings

Form display method

In addition to the normal form display, you can choose the one-question-and-one-answer type, in which one item per page is entered one after another.

Cover Image

You can customize the cover image to your original image. If not set, a default image provided by Jicoo will be used.

Brand Settings

You can change the header image displayed on the form, the team name, and hide the Jicoo logo in the team settings.

Design Style *Team Plan

In addition to the normal form display, you can choose a boxed form with items highlighted more prominently.

Theme Color You can change the theme color of the form.

Service Linkage


Google Analytics *Team plan


Meta Pixel

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