About the calendar function
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Calendar Feature

Jicoo can connect to multiple calendars for integrated appointment management. The calendar function on the dashboard lists these integrated appointments in a calendar UI, and you can also enter appointments from Jicoo and register them in the connected Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook / Offce 365 calendars. The main features are as follows

  • Multiple calendar connections and integrated appointment management

  • Display and register appointments to Jicoo calendars

  • Display of team members' appointments

  • Multiple time zone display

  • Intuitive scrolling UI

  • Various customizations for smart UI

    • Display modes (Daily, Weekly, Week XX, Monthly)

    • Dark mode

    • Merge and stack control of appointments

    • Start day of the week

Multiple calendar connections and integrated management of appointments

You can connect to multiple calendars (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook / Office365) for work, private, etc., and consolidate appointments.

Your calendar will reflect the color of the calendar from which you are connected and links to web meetings and notes will be synchronized and displayed in real time.

Display and Register Appointments to Jicoo Calendar

Appointments that Jicoo has accepted are displayed with the name of the other party in an easy-to-read format. Form information entered at the time of booking can also be viewed immediately from the calendar. Of course, you can join a web conference with a single click from the appointment screen.

Multiple Time Zone Display

Multiple time zones can be displayed on the calendar to enable time management across countries. What time would be best for a meeting in the U.S., France, or Japan? You can intuitively adjust the schedule on the calendar.

Intuitive scrolling UI

The user can smoothly move through the displayed time periods by touching or dragging the calendar to check the schedule intuitively.

Various customizations for smart UI

In addition to 1 day, 7 days, and month, the display period can be freely customized as weekly or weekly. You can also display overlapping appointments in the same time zone, or combine appointments into a single schedule when it is difficult to see the schedules of multiple people at a regular meeting, for example.

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