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Invite members to join your team
Invite members to join your team
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Invite from the user management screen

When the user management screen appears, click "Invite" in the upper right corner.

An email address input screen will be displayed, and enter the email address for the invitation.

An "Invitation to Jicoo,inc" will be sent to the email address you entered.

When the invited member's registration is completed, he/she will appear in the list.

Invite a member and you can add them to the booking page on the edit screen

When you invite a member, the member can be added to the booking page on the "Edit" screen. Select the users you would like to invite to join the event when scheduling.

If the selected user is linked to the calendar, the system will automatically display the times when the user is available.

In the case of the image, if the owner and members are linked to the calendar respectively, the dates and times when they are both free will be displayed as candidates.

Confirmation of the schedule adjustment page

Click on the booking page to display the schedule adjustment page.

After confirming that the dates and times shown are consistent, send the link to the guest.

The page you have created will take the guest about 10 seconds to complete the it inerary adjustment.

Invitation email sent to members

When you invite a member from User Management, the following e-mail will be sent to the member. The invited member can access the e-mail to create an account.

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