About Restricted Users
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It is possible to change the permissions of users invited to the team. *Click here to change permission settings.

If you set the privileges to restricted users, you can use the information in a way that is differentiated from other team members' information.

Restricted User Restrictions

Restricted users can restrict access to other members' information.

  • Multi-person coordination settings

  • Access to team members' schedule information

  • Projects

  • All" search

Use Cases of Restricted Users

The following use cases are available

  • Individual use such as consulting

  • Use by outsourcing members

  • Use by staff members of multiple companies at exhibitions, information sessions, etc.


Click here to change permission settings.

Differences from General Users

For general users

Other users' information is displayed on the dashboard.


For restricted users

No information other than the user's information will be displayed.


Please refer to the following help for the scope of each privilege.

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