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Resource function (Google Workspace)
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You can link calendar resources set up in Google Workspace (you will be redirected to an external site) to your booking page, so that you can reserve appointments from the calendar resource when booking in Jicoo.

Set permissions for calendar resources (Google Workspace administrators)

Google Workspace administrators must set permissions beyond "Change Appointment" to members for the calendar resources they manage.

When permissions are set, the following email will be sent to the configured party.

For more information on setting permissions, please also refer to the following Google Help page

Activating Calendar Resources

Select resources to be displayed in Google Calendar from the following page.

The resources selected here will also be selectable on Jicoo.

Connecting Calendars

Connect to a calendar belonging to Google Workspace from the following page.

(If you are already connected, you can skip this step.)

Select a resource for your connection account (team administrator privileges or higher).

From the "Space and Facilities" tab below, select the resource for which you want to retrieve availability.

Click on the ✏️ symbol, check the resource in the dialog that appears, and close the dialog.

The "Spaces & Facilities" tab can be selected by any user with administrative privileges or higher on the team.

*If a member of the team with administrative privileges or above has linked resources, other members of the team can also create resource sets on the booking page.

Resource is selected

Creating (editing) a booking page

In order to link a resource to a booking page, it must be registered as a "space/facility".

To add a space/facility, go to "Basic Settings" > "Spaces/Facilities" on the booking page and click "Add Space/Facility".

If no spaces or facilities have been registered

Go to the "Edit Space/Facility" page below and register from there.

In the "Resource Details" section, you can set conditions for resources belonging to "Spaces and Facilities.

Resource Conditions

and..." Adding the "AND" condition will make the resource available for booking if all of the resources are available.

By adding the "or condition," you can set a condition to allow booking if all resources in each row are available.

If the space/facility is already registered

A dialog box for selecting spaces and facilities will appear as shown below.

You can register a new "space/facility" or edit/delete an already registered "space/facility" from the dialog box.

Check the spaces/facilities you wish to use on the booking page, close the dialog, and save the booking page to complete the linkage.

Allocation according to priority

When multiple "spaces/facilities" are selected, if they are available at the same time, they can be assigned according to priority.

In the following case, if both Meeting Room A and Meeting Room B are available, the Meeting Room has a higher priority and will be assigned first.

If you are not connected to Google Workspace or if no resources are selected after connecting

If you are not connected to Google account, you can connect to Google Workspace by clicking "Connect with Google Workspace" on the connection screen as shown below.

After connecting a Google account, if no resource is selected for the connecting account, the following message is displayed.

You can register your "space/facility" by selecting a resource for your connection account from the following page.

Creating an appointment for a resource at the time of booking

When a booking is created on the booking page associated with a resource, the name of the resource whose appointment has been reserved will be displayed in the following places.

  • Booking details page of the host

  • Reservation completion email (or booking cancellation email) to the host

  • Slack notification of booking completion

In addition, the corresponding resource will be shown as scheduled on Google Calendar.

If a booking is changed or cancelled, the schedule for the reserved resource will be changed as well.

Required Permissions

Google Workspace administrators must have "View Appointments (All Appointment Details)" or higher privileges for the calendar resources they manage, for the calendars to which members add appointments that they have set up in their dashboards.

Without permissions, the booking of the resource will fail.

There are two ways to set permissions: individually in Calendar Settings from Google Calendar or as a common setting from Calendar Settings > Shared Settings in Google Workspace.

For more information on setting permissions, please also refer to the following Google Help page.

Use Cases

Booking a meeting room and a set of equipment such as a projector

A meeting room registered in Google Workspace and equipment such as a projector and microphone are registered as "Space and Equipment. You can book the necessary equipment for a meeting at the same time.

Booking from the desired meeting room

Multiple meeting rooms can be registered as "Spaces and Equipment. By specifying the priority order, you can make reservations from the desired meeting room, taking into consideration the available spaces.

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