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About Salesforce integration-Preconfiguration
About Salesforce integration-Preconfiguration
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Automatically synchronize Salesforce leads and create events.

In conjunction with Salesforce, it is possible to set up the following settings for each booking page:

  • Create a new lead as a new customer,

  • Create a new action as an existing customer,

Create a new action for a lead or business partner manager.

*We currently do not support individual customers.


  • Jicoo administrator privileges

  • System administrator of an Enterprise Edition, Performance Edition, Unlimited Edition, or Developer Edition Salesforce organization with API access enabled

*Please click here to check which Salesforce Edition you are using (jump to an external site).

How to set up

  • Enter the necessary information issued by Salesforce in Jicoo and link it.

  • Please configure the settings on the application linkage settings page of the booking page you wish to link.

If one of the Team Managers or higher on the Team Management sets the settings, all team members will be able to use the application on the booking page.

*If you are using multiple teams, they can be linked to the same Salesforce account.

Preliminary settings on the Salesforce side

1. Login to Salesforce with an account that has system administrator privileges, and click the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the settings.

*When the account on the Salesforce side is deactivated, the owner will not change, so you will need to re-link the account and change the owner.

2. In the settings, go to "Platform Tools" > "Applications" > "Application Manager" and press "New Connected Application" (top right).

3.Enter the "Connection Application Name", "API Reference Name" and "E-mail of the person responsible for the transaction" in the Basic Information, respectively.

Connection application name

Arbitrary string (e.g., Jicoo_test)

API reference name arbitrary string

Arbitrary string (e.g. Jicoo_test)

Contact person responsible for the transaction

Please enter your own email address that you have set up for email.

4.In the "API (Enable OAuth Settings)" field, set the following three locations.

(1) Enable OAuth settings

Check the box.

(2) Callback URL

(3) Selected OAuth range

Please select the following two options. ∙ "Use API to manage user data (api)" and "Execute request anytime (refresh_token,offline_access)".

(4) Web server flow secret is required

(5) Require secret of refresh_token flow

Check all of the boxes.

5.Click "Save" at the bottom.

Click "Next" when the confirmation screen for the new connection application appears.

6. On the "Manage Connected Applications" screen that appears, copy the two items

(1) Consumer Key and

(2) Consumer Secret and keep them close at hand

then wait about 10 minutes until the application is activated.

This is all for the Salesforce side pre-configuration. Next, let's configure the Jicoo side.

How to link on Jicoo side

7. After 10 minutes of setting up Salesforce, open the application integration page without logging out of Salesforce.

*Administrator or higher privileges are required for Salesforce integration.

Copy and paste the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" that you copied in step 8.6, and click "Connect to Salesforce".

※If the error message "client identifier invalid" is displayed, there is a problem with the consumer key or consumer secret. Please contact Salesforce.

When the Permissions screen appears, click "Allow".

The completion of the linkage will be displayed.

After that, we will enable the functionality for each booking page.

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