About Microsoft Teams integration
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By integrating with Microsoft Teams, you can issue URLs for Teams web conferencing.

By setting the location as a location on the booking page, the URL will be automatically issued as soon as the scheduling is completed on Jicoo.
This feature is available from the Free plan.
Microsoft Teams can be used with an organization account.

The Teams integration page will be displayed,

Click on "Accept" to link up.

If the integration is successful, the status will be changed to "Cancel".

How to use Teams on Jicoo

After the Teams integration is completed, you will be able to select Teams on the booking page.

Go to " Edit Booking Page " > " Preferences " > " Location " and select "Teams" to save the booking page.

Once the itinerary has been adjusted, a Teams URL will be automatically issued.

Switching Teams Accounts

If you wish to switch the Teams account to be linked with Jicoo, you must first sign out from the Teams side and then re-join the Teams account from Jicoo.

If you are logged in to Teams, you will not be able to switch accounts.

Unable to link Teams

Please log out from Microsoft and try to link again. Also, please check if the linkage can be performed without being connected to the existing environment, such as a secret window.

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