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You can automatically register bookings accepted by Jicoo into HubSpot.

You can use this service if you have a HubSpot account and have HubSpot administrator privileges.

Synchronize Bookings with Contacts

Bookings made in Jicoo will be created as Contacts in HubSpot. In addition to the email address and name, the content of the custom form will be synced to HubSpot as properties.

Items to be linked

  • Email address

  • Company Name

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Additional items on reception form

Create Meetings and Automatically Assign Contacts

Create a meeting based on the booking details and link it to a contact; if you connect to a web conference such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams, the URL will be automatically created and registered in HubSpot. HubSpot users can be automatically assigned to the contact using the email address registered in Jicoo.

Schedule changes and cancellations are automatically reflected

When a customer changes the schedule or cancels a meeting on Jicoo, the status on HubSpot will be automatically synchronized as well.

How to use

Select "Service Connections" from "Menu" in the header of the dashboard. Select HubSpot from the list of connected services and authenticate your account to start using HubSpot.

Service Collaboration

Select "Service Collaboration" from the menu on the dashboard.

Go to HubSpot integration details

Select HubSpot on the service integration page.

Click Connect button with HubSpot

Press Connect button on HubSpot integration page

HusSpot authentication

Select the account to connect on the HubSpot authentication page, and complete the authentication to complete the connection.

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