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Unable to disable waiting room for Zoom integration.
Unable to disable waiting room for Zoom integration.
Updated over a week ago

In order to disable the standby room on the Zoom-side settings page, the meeting passcode must be enabled.

*Please check Zoom's Help Center for details.

If the meeting passcode is enabled, but the disabling of the standby room setting on the Jicoo side is not reflected, please try the following steps.

*The administrator of the Zoom team should operate the system.

How to set up (procedure on a PC)

  1. From your Zoom administration page, go to Account Settings from Account Management at the bottom of the left sidebar.

  2. Activate the "Meeting Passcode" setting item on the Account Settings page, click on the key symbol, and set the meeting passcode to locked.

The above procedure will disable the standby room.

Please note that if you are using Zoom with a team of multiple members, this setting will be applied to all team members.

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