About Slack Linkage
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When linked with Slack, it is possible to be notified by Slack of schedule approval, schedule changes, and reminders on the schedule adjustment page.

*A Slack account is required for integration.

*Only Slack "members" can be linked.

‍How to link your Jicoo account with Slack

After logging in to Jicoo, access the application linkage.

In the App integration section, select Slack and click "Integrate".

The Slack integration page will appear,

Click on "Allow" to link.

Click on "Allow" to link.

Click on "Allow" to link.

Once you have set up the integration, you will be notified by Slack when an appointment is approved or changed on the "Schedule Adjustment" page. Notifications will also be sent to appointments created in Jicoo's internal calendar. (Invited members other than the creator will be notified.)

  • Booking Page Name

  • Guest Name

  • Appointment Date

  • Location

Please click here for Jicoo's privacy policy.

Please click here for information on how to specify the Slack channel to be notified.

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