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I want to confirm the process of a paid contract.
I want to confirm the process of a paid contract.
Updated over a week ago

Below is an explanation of the process of signing up for a paid plan at Jicoo.

Member Registration

14-Day Trial

You can use the Team plan for free for the first 14 days after registration.

We will test the necessary functions.

Invite members to join your team

By inviting members to your team, you can coordinate multiple people, etc.

The number of members will be reflected in the monthly fee of the paid plan.

Changing Plans

After selecting a plan and entering your credit card information, a paid plan contract will be established.

The change to a paid plan will be reflected immediately and automatically renewed on a one-month cycle from that date.

You can change to a paid plan during the trial period. At that point, the trial will end and the paid plan contract will begin.

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