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I want to change or cancel my plan. Are there any refunds?
I want to change or cancel my plan. Are there any refunds?
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To change plans, please select the appropriate plan from the Pricing page.

*If you wish to cancel a paid plan, please select the Free plan.

Information that will change if you change to a Free plan

If you change to a Free plan, your booking page including paid features will be deactivated, but your settings will remain.

*You can then activate it with a Free plan or upgrade to a Free plan.

In addition, the following information will be changed when you become a Free plan.

  • Booking page disabled (if using paid features)

  • Team logo removal

  • Forced removal of calendar integration (and with it, removal of Google Meet from locations)

  • Disable Webhook

  • Salesforce integration removed

  • Removed SMS integration

  • Changed user permissions (except for owner, who is now an administrator)

Payment if you cancel a paid plan in the middle of a subscription

Even if you change your paid plan to another plan (Free plan, etc.), you can use the plan you are subscribed to until the renewal date. On the renewal date, you will be switched to the new plan.

Payment in the case of withdrawal from a paid plan during subscription

If you delete your team and cancel your membership while you are still subscribed to a paid plan, you will no longer be able to use the paid plan from that point on.

There will be no pro-rated refunds for billing due to plan changes or withdrawals.

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