Adding and Deleting Sheets
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Purchasing additional seats

Additional seats can be purchased and changed by the team owner/administrator.

The fee for the additional seats until the next subscription renewal will be calculated on a daily basis and settled immediately when the seats are added.

Adding a seat allows you to invite members to join your team.

When 1 seats are added

After renewal, the fee will be reflected in the "Purchased" sheets.

Reducing Purchased Sheets

Purchased seats can be changed by the team owner/administrator.

If you reduce the number of seats, the next time you renew your contract, the fee will be settled at that number.
If you want to reduce the number of seats, you must match the number of members who are currently using the service.

If you reduce the number of seats purchased by 10

The reduced number of seats will be applied at the next renewal.

You can add or delete seats within the number of seats you have already purchased at any time during the term of the contract. In this case, the child purchased 1 sheets can be added again. *If you wish to add 2 or more sheets, you will be charged for the additional sheets.

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