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How to change the email address on my account.
How to change the email address on my account.
Updated over a week ago

As for the email address of your account, you can only change it if you have registered with an email address. In that case, you can edit it from the Edit button.

If you have registered as a user using Google/Microsoft/Apple single sign-on, you will need to change your password first.

Users should click on the "Send Password Reset Email" link from the Edit Password button to receive a password reset email.

What to do after receiving the password reset e-mail

  1. Change the password from the link in the e-mail address.

  2. Log in again with the new password. (Single sign-on is not selected)

  3. After logging in, edit your e-mail address.

If you already have a Jicoo account with the email address you wish to change, an error will occur and the email cannot be sent.

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