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Is there a way to add a booking page to my website to get conversions?
Is there a way to add a booking page to my website to get conversions?
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If you have high-interest traffic to your website, adding a booking page to that page is an important way to connect with important meetings such as demos or introductory consultations.

Adding Jicoo to your site allows website visitors to take the action that leads to the next meeting.

Customize Jicoo's booking page to your brand and you will see immediate and significant results.

How to Add Jicoo to Your Website

There are two easy ways to embed Jicoo on your website.

Jicoo can be added to your WordPress or other website, landing page, or CMS.

Choose from two ways to add Jicoo to your site: embed directly on the page, or add a button or text link to launch Jicoo in a popup.

1. inline embedding

Embedding Jicoo allows it to appear seamlessly within your site.

2. text link

Add text of your choice to the body of the page and click on it to open Jicoo in a pop-up window.

Customizing Jicoo

Jicoo allows you to customize the look and feel of your calendar.

You can make it original by setting the background, text, and button colors to match your brand style.

Simply copy and paste the code into any web page to start scheduling on your site.

How Jicoo users can connect visitors to meetings

By integrating a scheduling feature into your website, you can accept appointments at the time they are of interest to your visitors, whether they are leads, customers, candidates, or students.

Simply add Jicoo to high-traffic pages to achieve great results.

For more information on embedding, please click here for help.

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