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Recommended Environment
Recommended Environment
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Supported Browsers/OS

For security purposes, Jicoo is available on the following browsers

For each browser, the latest version and one previous version are supported. When a new version is released, that version will be newly supported, and the two previous versions will no longer be supported.

Jicoo can be used on both Windows and Mac OSes as long as the above browsers are supported.

The latest version of Google Chrome is the recommended browser (the most comfortable browser) for Jicoo.

Incompatible Browsers/OS

Environments not listed in the "Supported Browsers/OS" section above are not supported.

Therefore, we may not be able to respond to problems caused by older browser versions or operating systems, even if you contact our support desk.

If you are using an unsupported browser/OS, please update to a newer version before using the site.

Please note that Microsoft support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 has expired and there are security issues with them. Please use Microsoft Edge by the following method.

  1. Run the downloaded file and restart.

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